Work weekend - with chickens and eggs

This weekend we crunched. That is, we had lots and lots of the sweet, sweet coffee and crossfitted the bejesus out of our brains getting the order-flow configured to be as convenient and easy to use as possible. Whilst listening to some awesome music (incl. but not limited to Django Django, Simon and Garfunkel, Sam Cooke and many, many more). Stay tuned for the Attmatr cooking playlist.

Getting the details sorted out takes time, but of course it is a sound investment. But maybe you know that feeling, when you thought you'd already got stuff covered, but then there was some task that was completely forgotten because everybody thought the others was doing it? It's this feeling:

forgotten task gif

Anyway, we got some work done, and we just need to run through all the e-mail triggers involved in an actual order one more time. It'll be boring, but having it done is going to be glorious.

Glorious gif


So you should all check us out on Facebook, where we now have a page. Find us here.

Also, on our upcoming page we've imported a hell of a lot of Danish local producers. There are soo many!

We can't provide access to our development platform (For the nerds - we use - but we can screenshot. To give you and idea of the number of small producers in Denmark, have a look at this screenshot:

forhandlere i danmark

Google can't even fit them all in there.

Of course we haven't just done this, to make Denmark look like a christmas tree. We have done this to provide our end users value on the platform from day one. Now they can check out if there are any good products near to where they live. If they find out that they can buy really good produce nearby, we really think they should.

Of course the money will not travel through our site. But honestly, we're okay with that.

Also if the users don't visit us - why should the merchants sell their products on our market? No users means no merchants and no merchants means no users.

It's a chicken-and-egg-situation. And this is one way of dealing with it. Make it worthwhile for both consumers and users to visit your marketplace from day one.

For the merchants we're providing a way of getting their products on the shelves in the whole country from day one. We take care of logistics and all the boring stuff. So while we can't guarantee them sales from day one (we also need the users, remember) we can lower the work needed on their part significantly making it a no-brainer to try out Attmatr.

Also, it is free. If we don't sell their stuff, they don't pay.

We think that is a fair and democratic way to go about things


On behalf of the Attmatr-team

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