When you find out there's a problem with your payment module

To be honest, sometimes starting your own thing is a bit like running a marathon that you trained for by swimming miles every day.

We're five people in the team and we all have lots of experience building integrated platforms, developing data management systems, doing marketing or working with organic produce and farmers. Basically doing stuff. But when you build your own thing, the domains that are foreign to you can feel a bit like:

It's complex!

But truth be told, if you take your time, think things through, and keep pushing things forward, you'll get there.

But then maybe you find yourself in a situation, where you think that you're almost good to go. Like having wined and dined the perfect date all night (in organic wine and food, of course) and you're really, really ready to go for that intense kiss in the doorway before heading home.

And then the payment module starts acting up.

make me sad

We'll fix it of course. It is but a minor setback, but having worked hard for quite a while, it naturally sucked big time. But then again, I guess that's the deal when working with technology.

We felt a bit like this panda when we realized.

regretful panda

Not that we often feel like pandas.

Anyway, we have some really cool news as well concerning the usability of the site - but more on this at a later date.

We just thought we'd share this minor hiccup. Because after all starting a business ain't easy and if we all just pretended to sunshine and happy cakes, well then you wouldn't believe us anyway.

We remain ever determined to bring you the very best of that cool stuff we like call food.


Kristian, on behalf of everyone at Attmatr.

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