We're not alone!

Sometimes when we explain the idea of Attmatr to people, they say 'ohh okay, so it's a bit like just-eat.com'  ... and while their story as a start-up is certainly inspiring (from a business perspective: well done!), we won't be selling already made food - just the stuff needed to cook really awesome meals. And we emphasize sustainability a bit more, which I don't think is part of their agenda.

That's totally cool. To each his own.

Explaining Attmatr thus can be a bit hard. Fortunately we found some people, who've launched something closer to what we want to do, than the good people from just-eat.

Meet The hatchery.

A home for artisanal food products in North America. Their website is beautiful and they've some good ideas, like the monthly 'tasting-box' that might be interesting for us to look into copying at some point. Maybe sending it to up-scale restaurants and food critics around the country to introduce our company and provide real value to our merchants...

But that's a talk for a later, this is just jamming. There's a ton on interesting directions in which we can take this project and we're always to looking for more great ideas with which we can confuse ourselves. Like a stick-fetching dog in a forest after a heavy storm.

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