We’re live!

Now what?

The website is live and we’re very, very happy to have a live MVP in the field. Did you walk around Copenhagen last week and did you see three guys walking around with their hands above their heads with a stupid looking grin? That's us.

Hi, we’re the founders of Attmatr. Nice to meet you.

We’ve received awesome feedback and watched the number of visitors grow steadily. Much excite, Very wow! We are both proud and humbled by all the feedback.

We’d like to put our feet up for a while, but there is so much to be done still. This is only the beginning.

Did you know it supposedly takes 5-7 years for a start-up to make money? We knew this going in to the Attmatr project. So yeah we’re live, and now back to the drawing board.

Before launch we largely collected leads from people interested in the project and spent our time building the platform.

Having launched the site, marketing becomes a different ball game.

We need visitors to our site just like you’d need visitors in a normal shop. We could get tonnes of it by doing contests. But what is the real value of having 10.000 visitors that don’t care about your products? Probably very close to nada.

Why not build on the people we already know like what we do and make sure they have a good experience? We don’t need to be widely known, we need to provide real value to our customers – largely good food and relevant information about food-related issues.

Also, of course the traditional customer journey is built on the AIDA-model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). We have people who are interested because we collected them pre-launch. Now we need to get them to desire our products which is done by making sure we’re there to tempt them when they, for instance, feel like treating friends and family to a culinary experience.

And of course by building a smooth website that is very easy to use.

Stay tuned to the Attmatr-blog as we get this show on the road. We’ll share all our platform-building and platform-marketing lessons right here. Hard-earned lessons or not.


On behalf of the Attmatr-team

P.S. Also we were in the news today. If you speak Danish - read this!

On behalf of the Attmatr-team

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