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Not THE NEWS, the news. But it's still pretty cool. We talked to a journalist from a website called foodculture.dk, which is run by Landbrug og Fødevarer - an interest group focused on farming and the production of food.

They came up with a great article in Danish, which we're bringing a (rough) translation of here. Should any of it be unclear, you're welcome to comment and we'll try to clarify.

If you happen to speak Danish (after all, some people do) you can read the original article here.

Food idealists make life easier for local food producers

A new online concepts promotes and sells food from local, Danish producers. According to a researcher, the concept fits in perfectly with current food trends.

In fall 2013 three friends embark on a mission: to bring local, Danish food producers closer to their customers by going online. The concept is called Attmatr - an old Danish word for 'The World of Food'. There is a very special reason for giving the project this name, says Aksel Larsen, who is one of the originators of Attmatr.com:

"We want to return to a more immediate way of trading food than what is currently possible through our normal supply chain. There is a lot of good, local Danish products that many consumers will never get to try because the merchants simply don't have the reach. That is what we really want to change with this concept by creating a direct contact between producers and consumers."

Local food, shipped by mail

For the concept to work, food producers need to sign up for Attmatr.com. The people at Attmatr will then help upload texts and images for the products that the merchants wish to sell. The consumers will have their orders delivered within 24 hours by the Danish postal service.

"Many small producers do not have the capacity nor the resources to deliver through normal distributors," explains Aksel Larsen.

"We're not in it to make a lot of money. We're in to promote local products and make it easy for local merchants to sell their products to a wider audience."

Away with the plastic wrapping

Attmatr.com  is not the only online concept trying to open consumers' eyes to local, Danish produce. Last year an app called FreshFarm emerged. It works as a kind of digital encyclopedia, which provides an overview of local merchants, food festivals and markets. According to Lone Sevel, editor at FreshFarm.dk, the initiative is part of the effort to re-create a sense of quality amongst Danish consumers.

"FreshFarm wants to do away with the plastic wrapping often found in supermarkets. We want people to visit the countryside, where they can smell and taste the original products where they are produced. And not least to fight our indifference to the food we eat, which unfortunately is a bad habit among many consumers," Lone Sevel explains.

Local food creates identity

Donna Sundbo has been researching trends relating to food and produce for several years at The University of Roskilde. She is not surprised by the increasing focus and demand for local, Danish food among consumers. According to the researcher this has to do with a general search among Danes for their national identity and roots.

"We have become globalized citizens on the internet and do not have the same national context that we used to have. Local food can be part of recreating a uniquely Danish national identity. But the trend is certainly not exclusively Danish. I have seen it all over Europe," says Donna Sundbo.

Generic steaks in styrofoam trays

It isn't solely about roots and identity, but also about authenticity, Donna Sundbo adds.

"During the industrialization we lost the connection to our food. The demand for local food is a reaction to this. We have reached a point, where we want uniquely sensory experiences - and one way to get it, is through the way we eat. Today we want the food we eat to tell a story. And whatever way you look at it, there is simply a better story attached to local, Danish food than a generic steak in a styrofoam tray in the local supermarket."


Whether  it is about identity, roots or simply food that tastes better, we at Attmatr are thrilled to be part of this trend. Although we believe it to be a bit more than just a trend.

Until next time, take care and keep filling your bellies on delicious, nourishing food.

On behalf of the Attmatr team,



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