The illusion of choice

The illusion of choice

When we first got the idea for, it was largely about getting the good food products we knew were out there. We thought to ourselves; how can we help these small merchants sell their sausages, spreads, jams and beef all over, so we can eat better products?

When we looked into the market, we found that a large share of the Danish consumer food-industry (we are located in Copenhagen after all, so this was a natural place to start) is divided between three large companies who distribute pretty much anything we eat.

And if you ain't in the cool club, your stuff isn't going to sell. And unless you produce enough for the big companies to care, you aren't going to be in the goddamn cool club to begin with.

This effectively stops small food makers to compete in the market.

That's why we want to suceed, and disturb these patterns of food distribution.

Apparently, if you click the link we're not the only ones faced with this problem. Americans have more choice than ever when shopping in the supermarkets - but it's all pretty much sold by the same companies.

Where does that leave us with food safety and innovation?

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