The idea of food packaging is waste(d)

So, if you forgive us the terribly bad pun in the headline we'll get right on to telling you why we felt it was all right introducing that daisy of a joke to the world.

Because it's not all bad judgement on our behalf (we're actually quite funny), there is a point to it.

Consider your normal supermarket. It might look something like the one you see here.

At least if you're stuck to the roof for whatever reason.

Made you click. Anyway, if someone were to ask you what you saw, you might be inclined to answer food. And that's common because we've come to think that this is what food looks like. But if you think about it, all you really see here is packaging. Isle after isle of packaging.

The bad thing about packaging is not not only that it makes it really hard to see what you're buying before you're home. It is also a tremendeous waste, and it is a waste that you pay for every time you buy food.

And we've all tried buying something only to come home and realize that the package of whatever we bought is only half full (we're looking at you, cereal boxes).

In Berlin, the good people at Original Unverpackt (in German) have launched their first supermarket. What sets this supermarket apart from the other supermarkets in Berlin is that they've chosen to make do without packaging.

Should they need to package something they use beeswax paper to wrap the items or sell - or rent - reusable packaging to costumers. How's that for smart.

Original Unverpackt is not the first store to ever try this kind of thing. An earlier startup in London tried a similar concept in 2007, but failed to make it. Since then Austin-based In.gredients have managed to find a sustainable way to sell produce without the excessive use of packaging that we're all too familiar with.

We hope you check 'em out if you find yourself in Berlin - and certainly wish them the best of luck!




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