Status: 10. August 2014

Hi all - here's a quick update from the friendly people at Attmatr

First up we're really thankful for all the feedback you all provided for our prototype website.

We know there's a few kinks, and we are working those out. There's some confusion as to our name and the fact that we write in English here, and mainly sell Danish products in Denmark. Some have questioned whether we are alienating our audience. To address that concern:

This blog is in English because it deals with issues larger than selling and artisanal foods in Denmark. It has to do with sustainability and being an allround nice person to the planet. It is also about starting a business. Neither of these things are topics that are only relevant to a Danish audience.

Therefore we blog in English. But you're more than welcome to ask us questions in Danish or English. We'll try to get back to you in other languages as well, but don't hold your breath. It might take a little while.

In other news we've also started preparing products for the website. Real products. The ones we intend to have on our shelves at launch. There's some really cool stuff being offered for sale, so hold on to your appetites.

You're probably thinking we're just saying that.

We mean it, and look very much forward to be able to show it.

Cheerio -  your friendly Attmatr-representative


While you are waiting for us to launch, you should buy your loved ones a gift. And you loved ones probably likes ice cream. Could you even love a person, that doesn't like ice cream? Anyway - here's 31 life-changing gifts for people who love ice cream.


I just ended three sentences in a row with 'ice cream'.

Now it's four.


Ice cream.

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