She floats!

Last week we organized with a merchant to try out ordering a few things. We figured it was time to take our Attmatr-baby out to sea and see if she floats. It's not that we don't have faith in our skills, but as you can imagine we were pretty nervous as tons of things could potentially become issues.

What if it fails? Well, then it was back to tinkering about with the code.

We'd been a bit nervous as our integration with the parcel delivery service has been a shaky to implement - and now it wasn't just about the code. It was also delivering the parcels.

We put some orders into the system on Sunday night, and the merchants sent us this picture Monday morning. Orders recieved, packed and ready to go:

Packed boxes

And the office was very much like:

Like yeah

And not only did the code deliver, so did the postal service:


Products from Attmatr

The one on the left is applejuice from Guldborgssund frugt.

The middle one is blackcurrant wine from Jyderodsgaard.

And lastly elderberry juice from Bryghuset Møn.

They were all delicious and I for one can't wait to go to beta so I can order more stuff!

We're going to be online very, very soon.

On behalf of the Attmatr team

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