Problem solved: I like cooking, but I never know what to make...

I certainly feel like that sometimes, and odds are, so do you.

Did you know most Danish families have no more than ten different dishes that they eat regularly?

Monday: lasagna

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: stew

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: chicken with salad

Saturday: ...... screw it, lasagna again

I think it's pretty fair to say that anyone who has tried to plan ahead foodwise knows what I'm talking about.

If you're anything like me, it means that sometimes you put off making a decision about what to cook until you're in the store. Maybe something will catch your eye and inspire you once you're down there.

Which - let's be honest - means you always end up cooking something simple you already know how to make. It is after all very rare to be struck by the muses with your head in a freezer, going through the prices of familiar cuts of different animals.

Then again, a supermarket hardly seems like the kind of place the daughters of Zeus should hang. Then again what do I know about the daughters of Gods.

But I digress.

What if you could go to a supermarket where the food was organized according to recipies that was right there with the food. You'd choose what you wanted to eat, and all the produce needed would be right there. Cooking for 2 people, for 4 or 6? No problem - everything you'll need's right here.

The good part is - it is already real and happening in Germany where the so-called Kochhaus is helping lots of Germans find inspiration for their kitchens.

In the store you'll find a bunch of tables with produce and a recipe on them. There's everything you need, you simply pick a recipe and buy the items needed to make that dish. It also tells you the finished price per dish, and how long it takes to prepare.

You might even learn a few things about working with produce you're not used to handling, making you feel even more like the Elvis of the kitchen.

We think it is a pretty awesome and innovative idea.

Kochhaus isn't just selling food. That is a secondary thing. They sell inspiration - and healthy choices made convenient.

Stay crispy


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