Milan Expo 2015: USA

america expo

Well this is slightly embarrassing - the Milan Expo 2015 is partially themed around food, and we didn't know it (until now, obviously).

The theme is Feeding the planet, energy for life. What is more in Attmatr-spirit than that? Yours truly would be excellent at reporting live from there. Let's wait and see if we can make that happen.

One of the cool things revealed to us so far is the American contribution. A building that has an edible facade. Or rather, it isn't exactly edible. It's a building. But it will grow edible produce on every inch of the facade.

Between us, we think that is pretty cool. Can you imagine a whole city made like that?

We'd have to get rid of the cars obviously with all their pollution and whatnot, but it would be neat.

Instead of going through the McDrive, you'd eat the McDrive. But then again it would probably be a McBike, because the cars would be gone. Or maybe Segways. I digress.

Check out the American contribution to Expo Milano 2015 here.

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