Market growth and user adaptation

How's that for a sexy headline?

Probably not too good.


Good news for us, and for everyone else who likes to order food online:

August saw an increase in the percentage of online food purchases in Denmark, with the categori growing from a steady 2-4 percent to 7 percent of the total money spent on online shopping.

The category includes take-away food, wine and liquor and gift cards as well as artisinal food specialties. The main driver for the overall increase, however, was groceries weighing in at 35% of the total sales in the category.

This is clearly good for us as a company, selling food items in Denmark. If the cake grows, so does our slice.

It's also clearly good for the consumers as the market have a tendency to meet demand. If there is money, the companies will come to meet the need. We welcome more players to the game, it'll only be good for us, as that will help drive more sales to the digital realm.

And our logistics partners will probably also amp up their focus on our niche as a result, providing us with even better service.

Everybody wins. Now we just need to make sure the money reaches the producers of the stuff we eat.

The sale of food items online is estimated to reach 2 billion Danish kroner in 2014. The market is expected to have a potential of up to 100 million Danish kroner annually. We've got some room to grow yet.

The market is looking good and we're excited to be in for the ride!

(Not the actual founders. The above is a gif taking from A night at the Roxbury.)

On behalf of the Attmatr-team

P.S. If you speak Danish, you should read this clip from the recent week. It is behind a paywall at fø, but you can get a thirty day subscription for free if you really want to read it. Attmatr is getting some love from the media.

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