Logistics – and related things that almost certainly aren’t synonyms for sexy

The time has come for a more serious blog post about one of the major challenges we’ve faced starting up the whole Attmatr project. There’s been a few, but I’ll try not to bore you to death with all the details.

We’ll focus on the ones associated with logistics for now. Obviously logistics is quite a big part of starting a system that aims at the nationwide distribution of goods. But it's luckily the kind of thing that sorts itself out.



Because it doesn't sort itself out. Working at it sorts it out.

Lets have a look at the challenges:

1: How do you save on shipping when a customer wants to buy something from merchant A, who lives in one end of the country, and from merchant B, who lives in another?

You could of course ask the customer to pay twice when ordering from different merchants. But let's be honest: that would evoke about as much serious customer interest as Hair in a can.

You could build a warehouse, easily quadrupling your need for staff and greatly increase running costs of supporting the platform.

You could subsidize delivery, but you'd need huge orders to actually make money.

Wondering what we did? Stick around for launch and you'll see.

Problem number 2: what do you do when a producer only sells honey at 40 DKK a pop, and delievery for that clocks in at 60 DKK? After all, why would anyone pay that?

You could ask the merchants to bundle their products, making it impossible to just buy one jar of honey.

You could ask people to team up with the farm next door. Your honey and their steaks at up to a valuable shipment after all. But then where does that leave the customer, who might just want honey (or steaks)?

Still wondering what we did? Wait and see.

And all this is just so many words to say the same thing - we've given all these things a good long think, and we hope you'll like our solution to these (amongst other) problems.

Also, you should see this:


succesful payment


That's how it looks when your payment module is up and running. And you've tested it and done a little dance. Because it is magnificent!


That's it for now.


On behalf of the Attmatr-team

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