Learnings from ducks

2014 is coming to an end and what a year it was.

Attmatr is now a living, thriving thing. Customers are in the store and they’re supporting local food producers by choosing to buy their food.


We’re beyond thrilled!


The end of the year saw great conversion rates for us, as we made a promotion offering a free duck with orders of over 500,- kr.

Hello duck

In the earnest interest of sharing with others what we learn, here’s our key takeaways.

It’s very possible to sell meat and have it shipped to consumers directly. Our man worries have been delivering a product without compromising quality. That means that the meat doesn’t thaw anywhere in the process.

Speedy delivery is one thing, but we knew we had that settled already as we guarantee that no product spends more than 24 hours in transit ever.

Finding suitable packaging proved more of a hassle, but this too was doable. We packed the ducks in insulating packaging and filled it with ice to keep the inside temperature below freezing. This worked perfectly – we’ve spoken to some of our customers and they recieved ducks that weren’t the least bit thawed.

From our follow-up calls I think it is fair to say that we’ve won quite a few returning cutomers from this activity.


Did we make any money from it?


No, we didn’t. Shipping and the price of the ducks themselves ate up our markup. It actually cost us a little bit of money, but we consider it a small price to pay for running this experiment and learning that selling meat through Attmatr.com is  a very possible way forward for us.

Live without it

We also spent a bit of money on marketing to get the word out. We used Facebook, Twitter and Adwords because the targeting options here are much better.

Our average conversion rate is about 1,20%. While the duck promotion was running we averaged 1,85%.

We spent an equal amount on Facebook and Twitter ads. The Twitters ads not only lead directly to sales, but also to more brand-interaction and a considerably more impressions (we’re talking more than double than what facebook provided).

Of course a wider selection of the population is on Facebook. It’s just more people – and Twitter is often criticiszed for just being an elite few (mostly journalists) who talk to each other. And therefore people shouldn’t advertise on it.


But ask yourself would you rather have one actual purchase, than 20 potential purchases when you’re a startup and money is tight?


Thought so. Next time we’ll emphasize Twitter over Facebook. Adwords of course is something we’ll continues doing as most of our customers still come to us via Google.

But that is probably so for every company out there.

Going forward we’re a happy to deem the campaign a succes as – and this is very important – our daily visitor rates have stabilized at a higher rate then they were before the campaign. That means that people didn’t only want the free duck – they like our product.

kissy kiss gif

At least that’s how we read it.

So as we’re closing the book on 2014, it with a lot of excitement and positive vibes for the year to come. We’re so glad and honored to be doing this product with all of you.


See you in 2015!



On behalf of the Attmatr team

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