Dinnersurfer: I want whatever they're having

Do you recognize this situation: you come home late, after a long day and the smell from the neighbours apartment tells nasal tales of bacon, stew or som such deliciousness? Somewhere behind the neighbours door is something juicy and delicious – probably creamy too. With fresh vegetables.

You, however, have a loaf of dry bread, two almonds and something that used to be a potato, but now looks slightly like ewok-jesus.

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How about eating your neighbours food? Sounds good? Thought so.

Yes, that’s exactly what the two Danish guys behind DinnerSurfer are suggesting. It basically works like this: You search for a dish that you’re in the mood food for.

How about some hearty chicken soup with home baked paleo bread? A user on Frederiksberg named Cleoh just made it. Or how about a fresh batch of vanilla shortbread cookies by Anna in Nørresundby?

As soon as you’ve found your preferred dish (don’t worry, no one is going to know you went for the vanilla cookies except for Anna) you head on over there, pick them up and pay Anna. That’s it.

All the cookies are now belong to you.


And if you’re the one who is always strutting around the kitchen passionately making your favorite tasty dishes and one night find yourself with a pot of still steamy chili con carne and there’s a ton left over, then why not upload a pic of the sultry goodness, share it and make a quick buck while you’re at it?

Times are a changing. Most people, myself included, would never have dreamt of sleeping on a complete strangers couch ten years ago. Now, with Couchsurfing and AirBnB, sleeping in a hotel room is quickly becoming the boring conservative option.

Why not extend this concept of exploring and sharing to food? I’m in!


On behalf of the Attmatr-team

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