Danish coffee from Uganda

The other day I went to visit a local farmers market in Northern Copenhagen. It was quite good. There was lots of groovy things like honey, cheese, sausages, newly squeezed apple juice and tons of other good stuff.

Also it was a nice, warm day so it really was quite the perfect setting for getting some belly-tickling, nose-seducing tastebud-tangoing deliciousness to take home.

Actually there's pictures of it here, so you don't have to read me meandering on about it.

But the coolest part, undoubtedly, was one guy - probably in his mid-twenties - who sold coffee from his very own coffee farm in Uganda. Having a coffee farm in Uganda is pretty cool at any age.

If you speak Danish, you should check out his website here.

The farm he runs is not only sustainable but also partakes in developing the region of Uganda where it is located. They also sell vanilla and shea butter which directly contributes to the economy of the region.

We very much hope to help products like this reach you through Attmatr.

And we like coffee a lot, so you know, there is a big plus too.

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