Current food trends on the Danish market

What are the current trends in the Danish foodmarket? And how do we help local producers distribute food all across the country?

That was the topic of todays seminar, which was hosted by PostNord a national Danish mail and parvel delivery service. The keynote was given by Flemming Birch, who gave a very interesting glimpse into current food trends.

So, when you ask a Dane, most of them will tell you, that they own enough stuff. Fortunately, this is not reflected in consumption. Consumption is not what it was before the financial crisis hit, but people are still pretty prone to use their income. 

If anything this probably means that what we’re witnessing is not really a decline in consumption - more a change relating to what people actually fancy buying.

The shift in consumption patterns point to a focus on original produce and has an inherent anti-industrialist bias.

Why inherent? Because in an industrial context we’ve lost our ways of telling whether something is really fresh, natural and good for us. Everything is indivdually wrapped and completely identical. In the words of keynote speaker Flemming Birch:

“In a modern supermarket, price is pretty much the only thing you can trust.”

Odd thing is, people can still afford luxury. Luxury just doesn’t mean what it used to. Luxury is not something wrapped in gold or tigerskin. Nor is it a bottle of rhum that was transported over the equator twice. On the back of unicorn. Pulled along by a virgin. While also a pirate was present.

Although that would be pretty cool.

Luxury is products that makes the user feel good. But where exclusion and scarcity was able to create this before, it is much more about letting users buy a product that makes them feel good. A product that they can buy and consume without worrying about their health or about it being harmful to the planet.

Obviously, this won’t work for every kind of product. There is a natural limit and some products will just not sell as a particular quality product. Others, mostly those you’d share with guests, may however be very prone to this mechanism.

Food is status, and good food is high status. The logic here makes sense.

Whether you agree or not, we certainly find these ideas interesting. Feel free to discuss.

All this is based on a talk given by Flemming Birch. Read more about him and his company here:

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