Buying (offline) media

So, we're a start-up. Money is tight (we've recieved no funding) and that's all good and natural - it forces us to innovate, which is healthy.

An office scotch would be nice, but we'll get there soon enough.

For the same reason it seems absolutely ridiculous when media agencies contact us to sell media. I'm talking about one company in particular, that contacted us today.

First of all, they presented their inventory as a good deal and as journalistic content in a nationwide newspaper. First little red flag goes up.


Media egencies don't decide what journalists write. Thank god.

We're always open to talking to people - and also a little flattered that they thought of us. They then presented a lot of mumbo jumbo about the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and their projects in the coming year.

This is good. We're glad someone is putting this information together. We want to read about i,t although, of course, the Attmatr concept is a bit of curveball in what is a very traditional line of business. People have been making and selling food for a while now.

Anyway, so there we are - being offered ads in a nationwide newspaper (that they try to pass off as editorial content) and then they tell us an obscene price.

Fuck this gif

But it gets worse.

One thing is pricing ads from €2.888 to €15.000 (before sales tax).

That's a lot of money (even if we allow for the normal media rebate rates that we might be eligible for of we bought even more ads. I've seen them go as high as 90% - but only if you're a big, big company). Start-ups don't get that.

Still, we're an online company. They're selling offline print-ads. We'd get next to no traffic, we'd get our brand-name exposed once or twice if we're lucky - but in an information dense setting an ad would in all likeliness just be ignored.

And we can't measure anything. No traffic, no steps through the website for people coming from this ad, no add to carts or purchases - nothing. When you have no money, data becomes very valuable. Optimize for knowledge if you can - profits will follow.

And even if we could measure it, we have sincere doubts there'd even be any spill-over effect from offline ads.

And then comes this little golden nugget. There'd be printed 99.000 copies, and then that would supposedly (according to the salesperson equal 341K readers. Because obviously every paper is read 3,4 times?! I very much doubt that.

I don't doubt that they can quote statistics that says the same thing. Well, I can quote statistics that say people lie about how much they read the newspapers.

hitting the dead horse

Ad-sellers inflating the value of their (almost) dead products with dubious statistics. Not to be taken literally.

And another little observation you may want to keep in the back of your head for the next time someone tries to sell you offline ads for your online product:

The shelf-life for a offline-product is about one day. New day, new newspaper.

Online an article about you company will live (theoretically) forever. And if it is posted somewhere cool and links to you - it'll even add to your SEO value.

That's a pretty simple choice.

We hope the above helps you not waste your money. If you really feel the need to spend money, spend it on It won't get you known, but it'll taste better and you'll feel great!


On behalf of the attmatr-team

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