- from the merchants perspective

Welcome to installment one, of a two-part series I've fondly taken to calling 'What the hell is'

There will be two-installments as there is two sides to - that of the merchant, and that of the people buting from the merchant.

Today we focus on the merchants.

So therefore, meet Paul, who is a completely random person that I've just made up to illustrate my story. Paul is a nice guy, but don't go expecting character development like this is The Great Gatsby. Because it really isn't. It's a blogpost.

So Paul, when not busy being nice - especially towards kids and animals - owns a farm. On this farm he has livestock as well as lots of land, which he uses to produce produce (c'mon English, really?!).

His wife, Leonora, takes some of this produce and uses it to make certain products like for instance apple juice and rhubarb lemonade (a recipie she developed herself, the secret is a touch of vanilla, lemon and sparkling water). They also sell some of the meat from the livestock.

Paul makes a killer salami. His grandfather learned the recipe when he was stationed in Sardinia during WW2. This particular salami is very famous among the neighbours of Paul and Leonora.

It's a little gender-clicheed but what the hell. They're happy.

They both love what they do. Unfortunately, they can't sell everything they make. Because even if the neighbours love it, there is only 20 of them - and the nearest city is far away.

The talked about selling their products to a supermarket chain, but they'd only take Paul and Leonoras products if they can deliver 10 tonnes of salami every other friday. 

This is way too much, and they're afraid that even if they did decide to take a loan invest and amp up production, it would no longer be the job they love.

So they need to connect with more buyers, but neither knows anything about marketing or online sales. They attend markets every once in a while, but it takes time, time they needed to take care of work around the farm. Also Paul always complains that Leonora spends too much time talking to the customers, and too little time selling. He secretly loves it though. 

What Paul and Leonora need is A way to sell to a lot of people who wants to buy better products than the mass-produced food-like items found in supermarkets. So they upload their 3-4 of their best products on We then try to sell it. is run by people who love food. And where we can't make a salami to save our lives, we know quite a bit about marketing and selling stuff online. 

And here is the really good part: it wont Paul and Leonora a thing, if they don't sell anything. And they decide how much their product should be sold for.

When they do sell, we take 10%. But then again, they set the price and only pay us when we've actually helped. We think that's fair.

That, but simply, is

Sounds good?

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