- from the buyers perspective

Welcome to part two of my run down of the This time we'll be looking at it from the buyers perspective:

Why should I buy from

Because too much food is produced in a setting where quantity trumps quality. We want to enable the people who produce food for the love of it to sell to more people. We want to make them heard, giving you access to all the deliciousness in the proces.

So it's in fact rather simple: browse the products, choose you groove, pay for your product and broaden your culinary horizons! is the chance to buy food that is made with love and have it delievered at your house. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Having friends or family over? Why not let them try something new.

Cooking for that special someone? Why not impress her with imported pesto straight from Italy?

Tired of hearing about the corners that producers cut to sell cheaper food to the ordinary consumer? 

If you replied yes to any of the above may be for you.


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