A new face - and an outing for copenhageners

Hi, my name is Ileana. I’m going to be blogging here on the Attmatr-blog for a bit.

Nice to meet you.

First off let me make a disclaimer. I may be new to Attmatr, but I’m not new to organics and I’m pretty opinionated about it.

You could call me damaged by the trade. I studied Public Health, I’ve worked on organic farms on and off the past years and I love how the market is finally starting to wake up to the fact that sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring or inefficient, but rather innovative, fun and rad.

This is why I knocked on Attmatr’s door and asked them to take me on aboard their ship of cool.

And Attmatr is rad. I get to visit food markets and organic happenings and call it work. This is what I was doing last weekend when I went up to Foodstock 2014 at Fuglebjerggård farms, which belongs to Danish darling and gourmet Camilla Plum. In spite of crazy pre-fall rains dozens of vendors had shown up and were selling everything from peppermint honey to warm woolen socks to these psychedelic colored beans:



I didn’t get to take many more pics to share with you guys, as I kept having to find shelter from on and off rain. Though at one point Mother Nature really wanted to show us who´s boss and we went into the barn for shelter. However, this was no ordinary barn. In my head barn doesn’t generally equate snazzy café, yet, in spite of the barrels of hay here and there that’s exactly what it was. Smells of homemade cinnamon buns, cake and freshly brewed coffee all filled the air. Yum.

In spite of the showers I for one definitely plan on going back. Plus there are all sorts of activities lined up for fall, like seed saving, rye bread baking, fermentation and the list goes on. So if you city folk fancy a day out in the country to learn some increasingly popular homesteading skills check out the program on their website Fuglbjerggaard.


– on behalf of the Attmatr-team




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